Are you a teacher, a playgroup leader, home-schooler or parent wanting to find out more about education in an outdoor setting? Want to improve your school grounds for education? Here we are trying to gather together a useful resource to help you, through practical assistance, the provision of information, and links to a support network of others doing the same thing as you are!

Ideas for use with your children, and people who can help!

We've put together a list of useful contacts, ideas and places to find out more information. We'll be adding to these, so if there is anything you'd specifically like information on, or if there's a resource you've found and would like to share, please let us know at

People who can help

- Rangers, Wildlife Organisations, independent consultants, organisations involved in Outdoor Learning. Links will open in a separate window/tab. Some of these organisations are commercial or not-for-profit, and costs may be incurred.

Places to go

- a selection of sites. Places to take your class, group or child! These are in addition to Ranger-supported Country Parks, SNH and NTS sites.


- links to resources to use with groups, or to help you develop your own ideas and projects. DOnt' forget to check out the activities in our 'What to Do' section.