Recording Wildlife

One of the most important things you can do is to let others know what you have seen - sharing knowledge and information is vital for protecting and understanding your local wildlife. Get involved with a local project or site - submit your records to help local biodiversity. Help us reach a Million Records in 2012! Come along to a biodiversity event - see here for your nearest site - and find out how.

Ideas and Contacts

cotton grass on Pitsligo moss

All our local records are being gathered together at NESBReC - the North East Scotland Biodiversity Records Centre. By sending in your records, you help build the picture of what's around us.

You don't have to do formal surveys - simply take notes of what you see, when and where, and send them in - it's very easy, and the information you provide is extremely valuable.

There are a great number of formal surveys you can get involved with, from the really simple to the more specialist. Most of them have recording that can be done on-line, but don't forget to send your records to NESBReC as well - that way, everyone can share. Find out how to send in your records here.

Not sure what you're looking at? There are many organisations and courses to help you. NESBReC run identification courses throughout the year.

To find out what's around, what's going on, and share your finds, why not join WildlifeWeb - the local forum for wildlife enthusiasts in the North-East?