How you can get involved.

Do you feel inspired to do more? How about making space for wildlife, or creating a community garden? Help build the picture of Aberdeenshire by telling others what you've seen. Find a club or group to join, and help us to help you by getting involved with outdoors4all! Go here to see how

Doing your bit.

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Feel like doing something practical? Check out local volunteering opportunities in our Volunteering section. Here you'll find links to local and national organisations running a variety of activites - plant trees, create paths, clear out a pond!

Want to make space for wildlife or create your own green space? Go to 'Create Greenspace' to find out how, and link up with people who can help!

We need to know more about the wildlife around Aberdeenshire. You can help by keeping records and sending them in, taking part in surveys and getting to know your own local patch. Find out how in our 'Recording Wildlife' section.

Our Groups and Clubs page lists some of the many local organisations enjoying the outdoors and the heritage of Aberdeenshire; why not see if there's one near you? They hold events and run activities, making the outdoors more accessible for everyone.

Get involved with outdoors4all - we need people to check out walks and cycle routes, and are always looking for good ideas to share with everyone. Send in your ideas, your photos, and your feedback! We want to know about what's going on in the North East! Go here to see how you can get in touch.