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Aberdeenshire is a wonderful place, full of places to see wildlife, explore the natural and cultural heritage, and appreciate the out-of-doors. But most of us seldom venture beyond our regular 'patch', and visitors to the area often stick to the obvious tourist hot-spots.

This site came about as a direct result of any number of people asking me 'where can I go?' 'What's on?' 'what can I do about XXX?' There are any number of websites which have pieces of the picture, but nowhere was there anywhere that attempted to draw all the information together; as a believer in joined-up thinking, I decided it was up to me to try to fill the gap.

So here it is, and this is how it works. There are four sections, as follows:

Where to Go:- this section looks at places to visit, from castles to coastline, and archaeology to wildlife, and gives walks and cycle routes. Long-distance routes are also included.

What to Do:- has links to the event programmes of all the local Ranger services and other organisations, lists local events such as village fairs and fun days, and has suggestions for activities you can do yourself, with your children, or with a group.

Learn More:- has links to courses in outdoor crafts and skills, including identification courses run by NESBReC, and also provides information on the local people and organisations who can help you find out more about our natural heritage. If you're involved in education, there are suggestions for activities and people who can help deliver them.

Do More:- aims to help you get more involved, through volunteering opportunities, ways to make your own place for wildlife, and to record what you see. There are links to local clubs and groups with an outdoor interest.

However.....it's not finished.

Try as I might, I don't know everything - and this is where you come in. I need you to tell me the bits that are missing. The short but interesting walks that you take; good, safe routes for a bike ride; the off-the-beaten-track places you visit; the hidden gems. This is a website for everyone. We want to help you take your interests further - to find courses and clubs. We want to help parents, teachers and youth leaders take children outdoors, give you ideas for things to do, and resources to help.

We'd like your suggestions, we want to help publicise your events or organisations, to attract visitors, and give residents new ideas for days out. If you have a website we can put a link in to it; if you haven't we can make a space here. The more people tell us, the better the site will be!

We're a not-for-profit organisation, but - of course - welcome donations towards the maintenance of this site!

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